*subject to change

small plates

grilled chicken
served with broccoli / 14.99

grilled salmon
served with broccoli / 15.99

buffalo chicken crisps
grilled, bleu cheese dressing / 10.99

roasted red pepper hummus
cucumber, kalamata olive relish, fresh cut veggies / 8.99

smoked chicken wings
bleu cheese dressing / 10.99
{bbq, buffalo, or lemon-jalapeño style}

spinach & pepper jack queso dip
spicy pepper jack cheese, tortilla chips / 8.99
honey mustard / 8.99
{add cheese sauce / 2.00}

loaded kettle chips
smoked bacon and bleu cheese crumbles,
green onion, giardiniera / 8.99


add to any salad:
grilled chicken / 4.99
grilled shrimp, tuna, or steak / 6.99
gator or salmon / 7.99

romaine, parmesan crisps
half / 5.99 full / 9.99

smoked bacon crumbles, diced egg, red onion,
grape tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles, bleu cheese dressing
half / 6.99 full / 12.99

spanish pear
sangria-poached pear, greens, dried cranberries, candied pecans,
bleu cheese, apple cider vinaigrette, balsamic glaze / 13.99

chop chop
greens, smoked bacon crumbles, garbanzo beans,
corn, cucumber, red pepper, bleu cheese, herb vinaigrette
half / 7.99 full / 12.99

strawberry fresco
spinach, strawberries, spiced pecans,
queso fresco, lemon vinaigrette
half / 6.99 full / 12.99

taco plates

corn tortilla, salsa, black beans, and rice

grilled shrimp
tequila-lime cream, napa cabbage, mango salsa / 15.99

pulled chicken
avocado, queso fresco, fried jalapeño,
charred corn pico / 12.99

red onion, queso fresco, pico de gallo, avocado / 12.99

seared mahi
fresh mahi, pacific slaw, chihuahua cheese, cilantro / 15.99

simple plates

grilled chicken
served with broccoli / 14.99

grilled salmon
served with broccoli / 15.99

bacon cheeseburger
lettuce, tomato, pickles / 10.99


served without a bun

california chicken club
spicy chipotle mayo, avocado, pepper jack,
smoked and blackened bacon, lettuce, tomato / 11.99

smoked pulled pork, applewood bacon, chihuahua cheese,
cilantro cream, chipotle mustard, avocado / 12.99

choice of grilled or blackened grouper,
remoulade, lettuce, tomato, pickle, / 16.99


served without a bun

lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles / 11.99

primebar burger
goat cheese, arugula, wild mushrooms,
tomato, grilled onion, pickles / 13.99

fried egg burger
applewood-smoked bacon, gouda, fried egg, lettuce,
tomato, red onion, pickles / 13.99

turkey burger
pepper jack, lettuce,
avocado-mango salsa / 12.99

fire burger
pepper jack, sriracha aioli, roasted jalapeño, lettuce, tomato / 13.99


pbr can chicken
beer can-smoked half chicken,
choice of two sides / 16.99
{make it deep fried / 17.99}

tender sliced brisket
house-made bbq, choice of two sides / 21.99

smoked baby back ribs
house-made bbq, choice of two sides
half / 16.99 whole / 24.99

pulled pork
house-made bbq, fried pickles, choice of two sides/ 14.99


4.99 each

garlic mashed potatoes
basmati rice • sweet potato fries
grilled asparagus • steamed broccoli
hand-cut fries • black beans & rice


bbq-glazed salmon
grilled asparagus, buttery mashed potatoes,
southern slaw, remoulade sauce / 19.99

new york strip
12 oz. cut, herb butter, choice of two sides / 28.99

sesame seed ahi tuna
hawaiian tuna steak, wasabi oil, pickled ginger, basmati rice, / 22.99